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Welcome, welcome!

Welcome and hello to all of you!

First of all I want to thank you forlooking into my blog.
I hope you will enjoy my handmadecreations.

These are fimo/polymer clay madearticles, which you can buy from me as well.

So, if anyone's interested with my creations, please don't hasitate to ask =)

Sweet Little Stuff

-All 100% non-toxic

-All 100% Handmade

( with a little bit of Joy-Joy-magic and alot more Heidi-love ^^ )

. . . Look into it, enjoy and buy alot!!! :)

The white rose!

This beautiful white rose pin is a miracle!

You won't believe me if I'd tell you how I made it!!
I didn't thought it would work either but here it is :)

It's made out of small PLASTIC SPOONS!!! (It's true!!)

The head of the spoons cut off and melted into form, sticked together and voilà!!

Amazing how abit of fire, plastic spoons and alot of fantasy can turn into a beautiful white rose, huh?! 


Wire Jewelry

I always try to expand my creativity by trying out new things.

This time I chose the material metal and this is what turned out:

fancy clear stone earings

...and Necklace

Playful me =)

This is me....

... just having fun with my Charms!

Love Bear...

This adorable bear phone charm was a birthday present to my cousin

Little Children incl. her just loved it!

Hawaiian Flowers

Don't you just love how the flowers look real?
I like bright colors, especially those from Hawaiian Flowers!

What do you think?

Kawaii!! ^.^

I just  love the Japanese culture and there food, so I made this Onigiri (eng. rice ball) and some Suhi .

...A pair of cherry blossom earring which was painted with acryl

And totoro with the dust bunnies from the japanese anime "My neighbor Totoro (jap. となりのトトロ, Totari no Totoro)